Axe fx 2 vs pod hd 500 patches

Mar 17, 2014 finally, i decided to share my axe fx ii, axe fx iii, pod hd500x, and guitar rig patches. Also included is a spare power supply for the axe fx ii as a backup. The guys were really cool and i bought myself an axe fx ii. I have recorded with the fractal axe fx and this pod hd pro is better for a third of the price. I just started from scratch on every amp model and dialed in a sound. I just upgraded to this pro x model and again line 6 just kills it. In this article, we look at 4 of the main candidates available the fractal axe fx, line 6 helix, kemper profiler and atomic amplifire. Guitar effect patches for zoom, digitech, korg, tc. My research tells me that the guitar tones on every meshuggah release from. Pod hd500 vs axe fx by youtwo published on 20101008t12. Honestly ive never heard any tones as good as bulbs even with an axe fx. We will try to constantly put up more effect units.

Theres the pod hd, eleven, axe fx and then the kemper is. Presets fractal audio systems axefx wiki landing page. The official source for presets and cabs for your axe fx. One of the best interfaces i have seen on a multifx floor unit. Both the ultra and the standard utilize 3 banks known as abc. Fractal audio systems axe change the official site for. I purchased the pod hd pro when it came out a couple of years ago and was blown away by how much you get for the price. With 512 presets and endless ways to combine, loop, customize, and control your signal and onboard hd effects, this multifx unit is a sonic command center. The helix and your patches have reinvigorated by playing. The fx8 mark ii is a new multieffects pedalboard designed to deliver fractals signature quality without compromise in an effectsonly floor unit.

I use an old set of sony mdr v6s and they are a bit loud, but good quality, imo. Fx8 runs up to eight simultaneous effects using the stateoftheart algorithms made famous in the axe fx ii line of processors. Pod hd500x and hd500 sharing patch settings pod hd. It spent its life in a rack with a patch panel, so the jacks have seen very little use. The pod hd 500 is the flagship effects pedal from line 6. The best custom patches for fractal audio axe fx iii. Explore the various tonal possibilities of hx stomp with custom choptones irs or the great tone matching from the best amplifiers. It goes without saying that im a guy thats tried a lot of different amps and modelers over the last year or two.

See below for more details about different effects and their usage, including a video which walks through and demonstrates the different sounds. Fractal audio axe fx ii with mfc101 mark iii plus extras this axe fx ii is fully functional and in great shape. Glenn delaune premium patches for line 6, fractal audio, bossroland, kemper, mooer. Well it is more an updated model that is probably how the hd500 should of been released to be able to use the available fx.

This makes dialing in patches and settings really easy, and you can even backup your patches to share with the sound community, or you can download patches others have contributed. Listen to the pod x3 live in the mix with a band 12. And at least for me, it would have to have a software interface for programming and managing patches. I used a friends hd500 for the last 6 weeks while waiting on the axe ii. Recently i have noticed it sounds like nothing more than a glorified and ultra expensive pod. The hd500 is superior to both imo, either the original or x models. I am not at all interested in toting a rack and a footpedal. If you have the money get a kemper it is the best amp i have ever used. Below you will find recordings of patches ive built into my unit as well as the patch download for you to experiment. Axe fx vs eleven rack vs pod hd 500x rob chapman forum.

How to downloadupload patches fractal audio systems axe. There is not much comparison from a tonal standpoint. Fractal audio systems axe fx ultrastandard ultimate presets with software cdr. After 1 yr, no longer convinced axe fx 2 is the real deal. Note that i didnt try to make the patches sound like eachother. Both line 6 and boss are not comparable in tone, not. Grouping 128 presets or patches together form a bank. Lets just say that weeks of frustration over fighting to get tones i liked from the hd ended with a huge smile on my face after a couple hours setting up the axeii and most of that time was spent updating the firmware on the mfc and reconfiguring the ia switches. A member over at my forum posted this link to bill nelsons bebop deluxe and a long solo career spanning 4 decades forum. If the owner is unavailable for technical repairs, or warranty work, its unclear who else can service these units in a timely fashion. Oct 10, 2010 note that i didnt try to make the patches sound like eachother.

Im using the built in impulses for both units, but bear in mind that the axe fx 2 can store custom impulses, which of course is a great feature since stock impulses usually suck ass. When uploading a saved patch file from your computer to the axe fx the current edit buffer is replaced with the contents of the patch file and the edit light on the front of the unit will be lit. Download presets and cabs, or upload your own creations. I took the opportunity to sidebyside compare the axe fx 2 and the hd500, at stage volumes and with the band. Are pod hd500 significantly better sounding then rp360. I want to simplify my rig and vary my sound options by going full frfr, and thats where the hd didnt cut it for me. Ive owned a roadster, a 6505, an axe fx standard, two axe fx ultras, a pod hd 500, an axe fx ii and the pod hd pro that i own now. Explore the various tonal possibilities of fas series with custom choptones irs or the great tone matching from the best amplifiers.

Tweaking the internal processing of the pedal has a learning curve if you havent used a line 6 pedal before. Fractal audio axe fx ii preampeffects processor reverb. When i post a preset, ill try to provide some details e. It does have a scratch on top from a screw catching during rack removal. Line 6 product warranties extended 90 days repairs via service centers. Got the ii last friday and used it in worship on sunday.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I dont think line 6 needs to be concerned until kemper, or axefx. Great playing as usual but itll be better to hear them without the backing track. At first, i purchased the line 6 pod hd 300 because i didnt see the value of the hd 500. Videos fractal audio systems axefx ii audiofanzine. Unfollow fractal audio axe fx 2 to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. It was somewhere inbetween the line 6 hd500 and hd500x that i experienced. So only if you anticipate building very complex patches with multiple amps and a full palette of effects would i consider the hd500x. Every time i made my patches, it took a lot of passion and time. I have had to spend more time on patches for my hd500x than i have with any other device ive. Bulbperiphery axefx ii v18 patches are now up for free. The axefx will automatically receive a bank or patch file sent this way. Ive owned a roadster, a 6505, an axefx standard, two axefx ultras, a pod hd 500, an axefx ii and the pod hd pro that i own now.

There are extra controls on the looper, and extra record time. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Fractal audio systems amp modeling and effects processor. I was convinced fully that authentically replicated the guitar amp recording process. I definitely think the hd 500 is worth the extra cash, even for a hobbyist such as myself. It contains a vast virtual inventory of hundreds of vintage and modern guitar amps, speaker cabinets, guitar stompbox and studio effects, and more. Please make sure that the preset or presets you purchase are for the fractal audio device you intend to use. Line6 patches sort by featured best selling alphabetically, az alphabetically, za price, low to high price, high to low date, old to new date, new to old the best custom patches. Bulbperiphery axefx ii v18 patches are now up for free on axechange. Axe change the official site for fractal audio presets. The hd500 is cheaper on the used market and is frankly a pretty nice steal. The hd500x isnt bad at all but in the long run they sound pretty meh. High quality custom guitar patches and ir for kemper, fractal, line 6, headrush, positive grid, hotone, mooer, atomic, boss, overloud, joyo.

About my fractal audio system axefx ii axe fx iii guitar. Using the rectifier sim of both the axe fx and pod hd300. Dial in to some of the biggest tones in rock with this ultimate collection of simulated amp, instrument, and artist tones and effects. Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets. Popular downloads axe change the official site for fractal. Are pod hd500 significantly better sounding then rp360 or. Choptones, kemper profiles choptones shop choptones. About my fractal audio system axe fx ii axe fx iii guitar rig patches. Axe fx vs helix vs kemper vs amplifire modelling amps. Imo axe fx kemper pod hd series pod x3xt pod farm bias others. As there is so much pod hd content over here, i thought you guys might appreciate this.

Recently i have noticed it sounds like nothing more than a glorified and ultra expensive pod at best. Ive been requested so many people to share my patches. I think you can get fairly close to it with a pod hd. I had to listen original guitar tone so many times, and adjust axe fx to make most similar tone. Getting started is as easy as plugging in a guitar and headphones to start picking away at a preset amp model. A pod hd500 is probably the best besides maybe an axe fx 2 or kemper. I still love my line 6 gear, and since i cannot use my ux2, pod hd. I still use these tube amps, but everyday i discover another reason the axe fx ii could be the future of guitar in todays modern gigging and recording situations. Here is a list of all the available effect unitsamplifiers on the site. Very versatile line 6 pod hd500x patch based on the phd motorway dr.

Even sent tone tests to friends and asked them to tell me which recording of. I wasnt impressed with bias at all, but i used it for a while because it was the only amplification i had. Had enough of struggling to get what i need from the hd500. Cant speak for the g5n on that front, but when released it didnt have one. Some of your other patches seem to be as well put together, so im eager to adapt them to my set list. The buyer must manually load them into the axe fx s user cab locations and link them to the proper cab block or blocks as described in the preset description. Over the last few years, digital modelling amps have become so advanced that they can now convincingly match the sound of real tube amps, effects and cabinets. Explore the various tonal possibilities of fas series with custom choptones irs. When you plug it into the computer, you can also edit your patches using xedit. In fact i thought my old pod hd500 sounded just as good if not better. Eleven rack all fairly good but the kemper is better than them all. I have had line 6 products since 2001, i have had my axe fx ii since late. Recently i have found a good deal on a used pod hd 500.

This is a collection of not less than 90 presets, from 88 different amp models. There is a much larger user base with a central patch exchange put on by the company making the unit. I wasnt over impressed by the axe fx especially for the money. Difference between hd500 and hd500x welcome to the line 6 forums. I used my axe fx 2 as the primary rig and had my hd500 as a backup, and constructed parallel patches for most of my tones. How to downloadupload patches fractal audio systems axefx. Most presets use one or more specific impulse responses irs that are included in the preset download. Axe fx 2 right click and save target olas balls patch. After thinking about it, i decided to pick up the hd 500 and compare the two pedals. If there is a unit that you want to be included, please contact us. But the pros of the axe is the fx that are in many artist rigs and their ace.

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