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Irrespective of this international market size, the demand for snail farming products in nigeria is also extremely large. Gee respectively in the areas of beekeeping and snail farming and total of 60 farmers were trained. Adaptations of the series, or of individual volumes in it, have. This was because most people did not know that snails could be reared domestically just like poultry and animals like chickens and goat. Farming edible snails lessons from dd agrifutures australia. A feasibility study report on the setting up of a 200 capacity snail farm enterprise at koro. How to start snail farming in nigeria business plan. Heliciculture or snail farming is an activity aimed to obtain edible snails for. Threats posed by snail disappearance and the continuous decline in mean daily protein consumption per person in nigeria are alarming. Snail farming is one of the top interesting business opportunities in africa west africa is home to the largest species of land snail in the world.

The system you will use for your snail farming is dependent on a lot of factors such as type and size of your snailery and on the quantity of snails you intend to produce. Snail farming business tutorial for beginners youtube. Snail farming is one of the fastgrowing and less timeconsuming agribusinesses in vogue. But while raising the funds was fairly easy, working with the u. The couple became interested in snail farming when a friend, who is a chef, complained that it was difficult to source snails for the restaurant market in south africa, as suppliers were unreliable and. Snails need water every now and then, so you need to always have water available in. It implies environmentally safe production, without causing environmental threats and reducing the population of the biological species.

Pdf the purpose of this research paper is to evaluate the economic viability of. This could be explained due to the fact that in nigeria and many other countries snails is considered a tasty, useful, and exotic delicacy. Mucus, commonly known as snail slime, has medical properties and is used in cosmetics perhaps the best known edible land snail species in the western world is the. Heliciculture is the process of farming or raising snails. Top 11 snail farming equipment you must have agro4africa. Snail meat contain a high amount of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin a and very low in fat. Mqp 2017 a business plan to implement procedures and. Some might startup with little money while some may borrow large sums for assets and inventory. Leeflang, 2005 provides useful guidelines for anyone considering snail farming see also appendix 1.

Europe and north america have over 20 edible species, of which the most popular are petitgris or the small grey snail, helix aspersa, the burgundy snail, h. African giant snails and snail farming 2020 edition. With the continuous rise of agricultural ventures in nigeria, there are a variety of sections individuals can get involved and one of such is snail farming. Heliciculture is the process of farming or raising edible terrestrial snails. How to start a lucrative snail farming business and make huge profits by francis nwokike snail farming also known as heliciculture is another lucrative business that is steadily growing as the commodity is in high demand across the country and beyond all. The equipment needed for snail farming are not much, neither are they too expensive to get basically, all snails need is a moist area that is shady.

How to start lucrative snail farming in nigeria guide and. In fact, 1 one snail breeding unit of m 2 that uses the curtain method yields the same production with 5. Snail experts who tell you to construct a pen, buy snails from their own farms, feed them with pawpaw leaves or a super formulated feed, allow each parent snail lay anywhere from 20400 eggs 56 times a year, achieve 100% hatchability so you can have 1,000,000 baby snails one million snails worth n200,000,000 one million dollars in an 12 additional months is simply not. Snail farming is very conducive as no odour, stress, noise and irritation is involved.

Starting snail farm sample business plan template in the past, the only way to get snails was to go into the bush and gardens to hunt them after a rainfall or at night. Snail farming business plan there is no general method for calculating the startup expenses of every snail farming business as they are not the same and each has its own different funding requirement at various stages of growth and expansion. So weve decided to bring it upon ourselves to curate a detailed guide about snail farming for beginners. Practiced mostly by small scale farmers and subsistence farmers. This snail farming manual equip farmers with the basic. Snails alternative farming systems information center nal. Snail farming for beginners in nigeria made easy legit. This snail farming manual equip farmers with the basic knowledge of snail rearing. In terms of cost and time, snail farming is a low risk business and profitable unlike many other livestock businesses, snail farming requires very little start. Many supermarkets and stores place them on their shelves for sale to customers. When talking about housing for your snail, your snail farm could either be extensive, semiintensive, or intensive, all this three types have different financial implications. The meat and snail eggs can be consumed as escargot and as a type of caviar respectively.

Sep 22, 2018 snail farming is one of the fastgrowing and less timeconsuming agribusinesses in vogue. How to start a lucrative snail farming business and make huge profits by francis nwokike snail farming also known as heliciculture is another lucrative business that is steadily growing as the commodity is in high demand across the country and beyond all thanks to the nutritious value the gastropod carry. The company has handsonexperience through its efforts, as well as academic expertise, for the breeding of topquality helix aspersa muller snails over the last 15 years, providing integrated services for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in. Snail farm equipment and supplies exclusive escargot. Written by experts, it is a combination of quality practical information and the business of snail farming. The benefits of starting a snail farming business are many. Feasibility of snail farming as a model for small urban farms. They also supply the equipment and materials that are required to set up a commercial snail farm including the snails needed to start the new snail farmer on his. Feasibility of snail farming as a model for small urban. State laws apply to raising snails in a given state and to imports into certain states. Snail farming on a largescale basis requires a considerable investment in time, equipment, and resources. Equipment for the snail farm helicyculture is the direction of agriculture, capable of providing maximum profit for a minimum time. It is almost effortless, as managing the farm requires relatively less work. Touchstone snails after 15 years of experience is offering three different training programs for those who wish to be trained in the snail breeding and in the production cycle of the snails.

With the right snail farming business plan and quality snail farming equipment this could be a very rewarding hobby. Mar 20, 2017 the snail farming pdf is one of the best and highly downloaded materials for snail rearing. Consequently snail farming is not a way to make money quickly. Decide which aspect of snail farming is the best for you and start now even if it is with a few snails. It entails the rearing of snails in an enclosure or captivity, such that their basic needs such as feed, lime, water etc. However, a snail breeding unit using the curtain method requires much less space since the snail breeding unit expands vertically and not horizontally. Touchstone snail technologies ltd snail farming curtain.

We will explain every stage, from breeding, hatching all the way up to harvesting. To start and maintain a healthy snail farm, youll need to make sure that you get the right species of snails, create a favorable habitat, and care for the health of. Jan, 2020 snail farming, otherwise known as heliciculture, is a lucrative practice thats common all over the world. Snail has a huge demand in the market of nigeria for its unique taste and nutrition value. Books, livestock books african giant snails and snail farming is the most comprehensive, practical and uptodate guide to raising african giant snails.

Profit generated in snail farming is far higher than one gained in livestock farming. In recent years, we can witness the growing popularity of snail farming, as a business. Snail farming as an enterprise is one of the numerous approaches which will successfully transform nigerias subsistence agriculture. Snail farming in nigeria is very popular mainly for its delicious taste. There is a system for the production of snails and this is called as a mixed system of heliciculture, that system that comes from the systematized generation of the natural and biological cycle of the snail, this system comprises techniques for the development of breeding is complete in each of its stages of development. Snail farming business plan in nigeria may 2020 pdf. The educational training takes place at the snail breeding units of touchstone snails with a total surface area of 5000m 2,in troulloi village, in larnaca, cyprus and at the offices of touchstone snails in. Snails alternative farming systems information center. Meet ric brewer, the owner of a snail farm in quilcene, washington. Snail meat is considered a delicacy by some, whereas others will not even touch it for religious or cultural reasons. Introduce our snail farming business by sending introductory letters alongside our brochure to stake holders in the agriculture industry, intercontinental restaurants and hotels that rely on live snail from the snail farms cum livestock farming industry, nigeria cum african communities, and agriculture produce merchant et al. We will explain and answer any questions you may have throughout the course, courses are on a one on one type basis, so you get our full attention.

Improved commercial snail farming pdf for beginners. How to start lucrative snail farming in nigeria guide and ebook. Apart from being good source of high income with relatively low capital investment, snail farming brings much more benefits to the table. I make bold to say that snail farming business is a highly lucrative business guaranteed to bring you a huge source of income within a short period of time. A formal meeting of the national association of snail farmers was conducted, followed by a session devoted to potential snail farmers. Snail farming is a lucrative business venture and is one of the most profitable farming business in nigeria currently. Planning a snail farming venture agromisas agrobrief no. Jul 29, 2016 snail farming is a large agribusiness in the united states and the united kingdom. He is proud to be one of the very few snail farmers in the usa, and he decided to grow them organically to produce the most delicious escargots. Your state also may inspect and approve snail farming facilities.

Touchstone snail is a leading cypriot company, based in larnacacyprus, specializing in snail farming. Other state government departments that cover natural resources, fish. The az of snail farming in nigeria what nobody will tell. The giant african land snail achatina species, is known to grow up to 30cm in length and can be found in the dense tropical rain forests across the region from guinea, liberia, sierra leone, ivory coast, ghana to nigeria. Furthermore the consumable meat makes up only 40% maximum. Prospective snail farmers should carefully consider these factors, especially if their goal is to supply large quantities to commercial businesses. Snail farming training programs courses touchstone snail. In conclusion, snail farming is a slow but stable way of making money. Since farming snails is so different from other kinds of farming, you will have to learn a lot of new things. Snail breeding using the curtain method in a snail farm. Snails are sold for their meat and are used in popular escargot dishes.

The session was an introduction to the snail farming industry and emphasised the importance of the support of the institute. You will read about how to find appropriate land for your snail farm, what to be cautious about and how the yearly cycle of snail production works. In all our business plan posts, weve made sure that we share as much information as we know can help you start up your own business as an entrepreneur, not just starting, but also the ability to sustain the business going forward. An introduction to snail farming course, where you get to see it all and experience a snail farm in working time. Jan 03, 2017 with its minimal space requirements, snail breeding is a worthwhile profitgenerating option for smallholders, according to the micallefs. Step inside the east coasts only commercial snail farm. The article snail farming nairaland isnt detailed enough to convince you to start snail farming business in nigeria without a manual plan. Chef taylor knapp inside the peconic escargot greenhouse at the peconic land trust property on main road. The snail farming pdf is one of the best and highly downloaded materials for snail rearing.

How to construct a snail house a step by step guide. Snail farming requires a very little amount of capital and running cost is low. It is a very advanced and intensive method of farming is a structure with vertical nests where snails resort for protection from light and rest and that due to the tall development gives more space than the classical closed type breeding. Freerange snail farming is a type of snail farming structure in which snails are allowed to roam freely and feed on open pastures of living food crops, rather than being densely confined in small enclosures and fed only compound foods. The ebook a guide to snail farming will help you learn about snails and their specific needs. By performing this research, we were able to develop suggestions on successfully acquiring all the necessary resources to start a snail farm. While for you, you just need a cage to keep the snails for strolling away. May 18, 2015 touchstone snails thanks to its handson experience and high quality academic knowledge, provides comprehensive services to anyone wishing to invest in snail farming. Heliciculture, commonly known as snail farming, is the process of raising edible land snails, primarily for human consumption or cosmetic use. Farmers practice snail farming using car tyres, baskets, old tanks or anything readily available to.

You also may need equipment to control the climate temperature and humidity. Snail farming professionally specialized in snail business. This study therefore surveyed snail farming in akwa ibom state. Here is an extract of the monthly online training session for the. Determine the best practices in operations and benchmark known snail farming techniques. The process where snails are raised for production is known as heliciculture. Agro4africa discusses agriculture with the intent that our readers consume the information to become commercial farmers. Snail farming professionally specialized in snail business snail farming is today a lucrative business a foolproof investment with substantial profits. Introduce our snail farming business by sending introductory letters alongside our brochure to stake holders in the agriculture industry, intercontinental restaurants and hotels that rely on live snail from the snail farms cum livestock farming industry, nigeria cum african communities, and.

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