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The dancer in the front of the line leads the whole train around the room, similar to a conga line. This line dance requires everyone to slide from side to side, move backward, hop, then make three chacha movements, after which dancers are directed to change direction. While breakdancing consists primarily of moves executed close to the ground, the majority of hip hop moves are executed standing up. Latin line dances, disco line dances, swing line dances, hip hop line dances. At the hop step sheet choreographed by carmel hutchinson description.

These links below will open a pdf of the step sheet for each line dance. Working with a partner, record what you know about hip hop culture. Breaking was created in the bronx, new york in the early 1970s. Hip hop refers to a variety of forms of music that began with africanamerican and latino youth in the south bronx and harlem in the 1970s. Students can visualize the line, and glue pompoms, or cotton balls for each number. At the hop sheet music for piano, percussion download free. Vehicles arrive every 15 minutes during peak times and every 20 minutes during offpeak hours and weekends. It is used to create a feeling of body language with resistance of both partners against each other, with extension at the end of each pattern. It is normally danced to pop, funk or hip hop music, often remixed to prolong the breaks. It is a noncategorized, index list of specific dances. Hip hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music or that have evolved as part of hip hop culture. Foot swings forward with just heel touching brushes are done with the ball of the foot forward, back, or across. Eld everything line dance line dancing for everyone. Battle rap assumes the spotlight in hiphop, as utfos roxanne roxanne diss song attracts over 100 responses.

A sharp, quick kick backwards with a pointed toe and a flexed knee. For example, ballet, ballroom dance and folk dance can be single dance styles or families of related dances. The first dance associated with hiphop was breakdancing. Now take a third jump forward but do a quarter turn. When kids and teens take dance classes, there are a few typical styles and steps they learn from ballet to hip hop dances. The hiphop dance genre in particular has many popular line dances. To dance the bunny hop, you lean forward, bend your knees, and hold onto the hips of the person in front of you. Whole lotta shakin goin on by jerry lee lewis 168 bpm. The bunny hop number line is a great vakt activity for students.

Line dance song difficulty instructional video demonstration video stepsheet pdf. It didnt reach popularity until 2011 when it finally peaked at no. Line dancing step sheets and information, including teaching videos and articles. Langstone cliff hotel, dawlish, devon, united kingdom. The electric slide perhaps one of the most famous urban line dances of all time, the electric slide is also one of the only official ed line dances registered with. Streetcars share the roads with other vehicles all across.

Basic line dance terminology step 2it line dance iinet. Just hop on and hop off to connect with jobs, entertainment, dining and more. Hop 1 count spring into the air taking off and landing with same foot. Durley dean hotel, bournemouth, dorset, united kingdom. The stepsheets are specific to the way the dance is done at sundance saloon. Apr 29, 2020 group dance songs and line dance songs are played at wedding receptions to get people on the dance floor in a group dance. Learn more about hiphops history and culture in this article. Group songs played can invoke a conga line, a train line, rows of line dancing, circles of the hokey pokey, hand signaling y.

You can come across this form of music at the club, at a school dance, or pretty much anywhere. However, there are many styles of dance other than countryandwestern dancing that include traditional line dances in their repertoire. Use the eld class locator to find a class near you. Group or line dance songs are also known as audience participation songs. View or download full dance step sheets for scooter lees new video series. Below are just a few of the hip hop line dances you may see out there and are worth learning if you want to join in on the fun. It may also include dances which could either be considered specific dances or a family of related dances.

Breaking at this period was not primarily floororiented. The older dance styles that were created in the 1970s include uprock, breaking, and the funk styles. Everyone in the line follows the same pattern of steps. How to learn hip hop dancing hip hop dancer matt steffanina teaches you hip hop dance moves in these howcast vidoes, plus how to dance like lady gaga, chris brown, justin bieber, usher, beyonce, and rihanna. The wobble is for those who typically stick to a twostep but may have had an. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking which was created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the united states. In line dancing, this is very similar to a coaster step. Help students count with one to one correspondence using the bunny hop number line. Heres a list of the line dances currently seen at sundance saloon. Hiphop dance is a broad category that includes a variety of styles. In its earliest form, it began as elaborations on james browns good foot dance which debuted in 1972.

Learning to dance videos ballroom, latin, hip hop, salsa, belly dancing, ballet, tap styles of dancing. Hiphop, cultural movement that attained popularity in the 1980s and 90s and the backing music for rap, the musical style incorporating rhythmic andor rhyming speech that became the movements most lasting and influential art form. The complete schedule of operation can be found here. At the hop y scooter lee on walking on sunshine cd 200 bpm.

Shake the sugar tree pam tillis put some drive in you country travis tritt justified and ancient klf funky cowboy ronnie mcdowell. A triple step performed on the last two beats of each pattern in west coast swing. Turn up the heat with line dance lessons from shawn trautman instruction. Group dance songs and line dance songs are played at wedding receptions to get people on the dance floor in a group dance. Not to be confused with commercial rap which often glorifies material excess, violence and misogyny hiphop was born in the south bronx, new york, more than 40. Hiphop a dance style, usually danced to hiphop music, that evolved from the hiphop culture. Click the images at the right and you can choose to view, download or print pdf files of the alltime favorite line dance classics vol.

This line dance video includes the hip hop line dance, the gator boogie, trouble, hummingbird and more. Whether youre a child or adult, dance class basics and free online dance routines can help you get started in the world of dance. Apr 24, 2019 some of my favorites and current dances im learning in my line dance class in houston and other line dance favs. At the hop by danny and the juniors 193 bpm from rock n roll era cd 56 count intro music suggestion. Upon hearing the phrase line dancing, most people envision cowboy hats and senior citizens.

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