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She was a famous redhead who was known for playing fiercely passionate, but sensible heroines, often in westerns and adventure films. There are so many wonderful references to gremlins, wendell wilkie and gasoline ration cards that the cartoon could be used as a tool to teach kids about wwii. As with many bugs bunny cartoons, the title is a play on words. The 2nd photo is what the dvd will look like when it arrives in the mail. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. Sure, id try out the new cartoons every fall, they were they only thing that made starting a new school year bearable, but i rarely stayed with them. In the 1943 cartoon daffy the commando, where daffy duck infiltrates nazi germany, there is a moment where he pulls down a window blind labelled asbestos out of nowhere. Looney tunes and merrie melodies filmography 1940s. All cartoons marked with an asterisk are in the public domain. What happened in 1943 including pop culture, significant. The 1943 columbia pictures serial batman was nowhere near the peak of the chapterplay genre. Flothow and directed by lambert hillyer, it was done on the cheap even by serial standards, and if the writing wasnt bad, the production was terrible.

Falling hare is a 1943 bugs bunny cartoon directed by bob clampett the cartoon starts with bugs bunny reading a book at an army base, which mentions how gremlins sabotage airplanes. Vote for movies to discuss in friday chat page 151. Indeed he does, the scene cuts to animated form of snafu bunking in his tent reading the same newspaper. Easily the most serious film on this list is disneys education for death. Ohara was one of the last surviving stars from the. In any event, from two film foundries on one and the same day came reports of allout activities on the shorts front. This compilation features some of the bestknown characters from the golden era of the looney tunes franchise. Falling hare 1943 toutes les infos sur le film complet looney tunes. Space jam and 8 bugs bunny cartoons have bg audio, but no english counterpart. Bugs laughs off the notion of them existing, just as a gremlin walks by him and attempts to blow up a shell. A total of 307 shorts were released during the 1940s.

A corny concerto is a 1943 american animated short film of the merrie melodies series starring bugs bunny, porky pig, elmer fudd and daffy duck. Robert clampett the ease and consistency with which bugs bunny dispatched his antagonists was completely thrown out the window in this hilarious short. He starred in over 160 theatrical animated short films of the looney tunes and merrie melodies series produced by warner bros. The top ten greatest antinazi cartoons vincent cartoons. Rather, they were often played as shorts in theaters before the feature film. Eisenhower becomes the supreme allied commander, british and americans bomb hamburg causing firestorm, glenn miller orchestra popular with many hits. Falling hare 1943 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Looking back, i can still see my parents glance at each other. Falling hare en francais, streaming gratuit, soustitres et audio dorigine. Through hare power, a reference to the book the disney feature was based on, and an obvious reference to the disney film as well, which they surely would have. Please read this description and inspect the photos closely before you buy. Warner brothers has been releasing their catalog of looney tunes and merry melodies shorts on dvd, and now the third such set has arrived.

Im glad to see at least one christmas movie on the list krampus as we have just a handful of more weeks to nominate and vote up any we wish to be. Vincente minnellis debut film was based on vernon dukelynn roots hit 1940 broadway musical directed by. Dinner music for a pack of hungry cannibals by raymond scott. The gremlin indicates to bugs bunny loudly that he is not willkie in falling hare clampett, 1943. This is a compilation of cartoons that have entered the public domain and are therefore legal to use commercially. Easily the most serious film on this list is disneys education. Its wonderfully thrilling and inspiring, and yet downright hilarious. Bugs was regularly promoted until he was officially discharged at the end of world war ii as a master sergeant.

Perhaps my favourite clampettdirected bugs bunny cartoon falling hare is a home run. Like the two previous sets, the looney tunes golden collection volume three consists of four dvd that contain some of the funniest cartoons ever made. Rushmore figures of choice for republicans and democrats in aviation vacation avery, 1941. What happened in 1943 major news stories include allied forces take back north africa, italy surrenders to allied forces, dambuster raids on german dams, warsaw jewish ghetto uprising, us general dwight d. In the 1943 cartoon daffy the commando, where daffy duck. The batman the complete 1943 serial collection by lewis. On numerous occasions, she worked with director john ford and longtime friend john wayne. Film genres, title, year, country, length, director, description. Bugs bunny is a fictional animated character who starred in the looney tunes and merrie melodies series of animated short films produced by leon schlesinger productions, which became warner bros.

Winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film festival awards central festival central all events. This is a listing of all the animated shorts released by warner bros. List of bugs bunny cartoons looney tunes wiki fandom. The film uses two of johann strauss best known waltzes, tales from the vienna woods and the blue danube. Vincent cartoons random thoughts, bizarre doodles and. The looney tunes golden collection was a series of six fourdisc dvd box sets from warner home video, each containing about 60 looney tunes and merrie melodies animated shorts. I have digitally remastered many of the episodes, and aim to upload compilations of donald duck, mickey mouse and chip and dale cartoons in the nottoodistant future. With 20 subjects in various stages of production, metro entered the most intensive schedule in the history of its cartoon studio. Media in category 1943 in film the following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. The film does seem a bit strange, though, as for once, bugs bunny is not the wisecracking or annoying jerk he was in most films made of him during the war. Looney tunes cartoons, some adult supervision required.

Funny cartoon of bugs bunny in public domain, chosen for you by tele babylon. Falling hare falling hare falling hare 1943 merrie melodies theatrical cartoon series. The series began on october 28, 2003 and ended on october 21, 2008. Old acquaintance 1943 was a popular drama starring bette davis and miriam hopkins as feuding writers. January 3 first missing persons telecast nyc february 20 american film studio executives agree to allow the united states office of war information to censor films november 23 british forces broadcasting service begins operation december 31 new york citys times square greets frank sinatra at paramount theater. Sailors watch a film in the cinema aboard the autocarrier, a cross channel steamer adapted as a recreation ship at scapa flow, june 1943. Fortunately, while it is jampacked full of such interesting tidbits, it also is pretty funny and well worth watching over 60 years later. The powerhouse a section featured prominently during bugs bunnys altercation with a gremlin in clampetts 1943 merrie melodies cartoon falling hare. This is a practically perfect collection, with all the cartoons complete, but there are a few hiccups.

A portrait of willkie can be seen next to roosevelt as, respectively, the mt. Falling hare is a 1943 merrie melodies short directed by robert clampett. Shermans first important movie was the hard way 1943, a gritty showbusiness melodrama with fine performances from ida lupino, joan leslie, and jack carson. This is a list of the various animated cartoons featuring bugs bunny. Admittedly, im not a fan of the savagelike persona bob clampett later gave bugs in hare ribbin or buckaroo bugs. Clampett was the first to bring gremlins to the screen in both russian rhapsody and 1943s classic bugs bunny short falling hare. Carrol naish as the villain of the piece, theres hardly a major screen name associated with it. They perform a parody of disneys silly symphony cartoon series and specifically his 1940 feature fantasia. Vincente minnelli a noteworthy film from the alan freed production unit at mgm freed was an early crusader for civil rights. For the cartoons featuring the prototype for bugs bunny, see below. Marine corps was so flattered that bugs bunny decides to become a marine in this film that it insisted he be officially inducted into the corps as a private, which was done, complete with dogtags.

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